Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue

bacon wrapped chickenSo many Christmas parties so little time. One of my favorites every year is my husband’s work party when we get to go out for dinner with the gang, and we all get a little present too. This year’s festivities were at Gaucho Brazilian. We had a lovely private room, complete with Christmas tree. The room itself was lovely, and the food was amazing. Many people said this was there favorite Christmas party to date. The food started with some Mandioca, a flavorful yucca with some hot sauce. Then there is a self-serve , salad and side dish portion. There was 6 different salads to choose from, rice and black bean stew (one of my personal favorites) , cheesy mashed potatoes and breaded fish. Then the parade of meat started. 10 different meats came to the table all shaved on your plate in how much or as little as you like. Everything from sirloin steak to chicken hearts. My favorite of the meats was the rump steak, so tender and lots of flavor. One bonus to dining at Gaucho was on Mondays, they allow you to bring in your own wine with no additional corkage fee. A great little add, to a great little place. If you are in Calgary, you simply must try this great restaurant out. What are you waiting for , call them up and make your reservation!
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Chuck E. Cheese- Calgary

Hawaiian PizzaWhat a very, very busy weekend we had. I will start by telling you all about Saturday. First of all, my parents, the snowbirds are back! Yay, for me, I totally love hanging out with my parents, they are some of my very best friends so I like it when they are close to home! A super bonus is they bought me a bunch of “american groceries” things we don’t have up here in Canada, like Biscoff spread, a whole lot of baking stuff, cereal, well it was just like Christmas in April, and everything was food! It was fun! Then they took us out to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch to celebrate the birthdays they missed while they were away! Well, first off all, I will say Chuck.E Cheese is busy on a Saturday. Secondly, I don’t think there is anywhere in the city our kids would rather be. Between the fill your own drink station, pizza, and games it really is where a kid can be a kid. I will admit I have a pretty good time there too. While pizza is definitely their food of choice, they also have a salad bar for the adults, it has quite a few salad options, the only negative I think would be the romaine lettuce, could have been a bit fresher, overall, we will be back again, and again and again, because nothing brings a smile to a kids face like a surprise trip to see Chuck E.Salad
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Smugglers Inn -Calgary

Plate from the salad barLast night we had my husband’s work party at the amazing Smuggler’s Inn. We walked in to a beautiful (if a little old) decor. The seats are like thrones , plush and huge, and very comfy. I can hardly wait to take my son who loves all things related to knights and castles. One really fun thing about Smuggler’s Inn is every entrée comes with the salad bar (You can also order the salad bar alone for only 12.95). It has soups, lots of salad fixin’s and some pretty amazing bread. All the boys at the table really liked their famous Steak Soup, I however loved the Portuguese Bean and Sausage Soup. The meals and desserts were all excellent, so it was one successful business party!Appetizer Scallops with BaconSmugglers Cut Prime RibSmuggler's Inn on Urbanspoon