Nando’s Chicken- Calgary

Nando's ChickenWe have finally tried Nando’s Chicken, and I cannot believe that it took us this long. What a fun (and delicious) restaurant. Also, very affordable. We got the family pack, which feeds 3-4, with chicken, choice of two sides, and choice of garlic bread or buns. We went with fries (wouldn’t have been my top choice, but hey kids love em) and vegetables (this was my choice, and mom loved em), and garlic bread, which everybody loved! On the side of the restaurant you find, a variety of sauces to use to your dipping pleasure. This works great as I love spicy and the kiddos do not, so I can spice up my chicken and leave it plain for the spice intolerant. There you also find nice big jugs of water to help yourself too, which I like. I drink a lot of water and it is very helpful to be able to serve yourself as opposed to waiting for a waitress to come and help you. Overall, we love this place, and will surely be back!
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Dragon’s Lair Burger Company

BurgerMy favourite restaurant is always one that I haven’t tried before. I love going out to new places. So over the weekend we headed over to Westbrook mall, and enjoyed Dragon’s Lair, located in the food court. I didn’t actually know it was in a food court when we went, so the two girls quite happily headed over to Subway, to buy their lunches. The boys and I wanted to try this new burger place. It was very affordable for the type of burger you received, and much like Harvey’s you get to chose your own toppings. In addition to the burgers, there is of course the normal fries and onion rings, and quite a fun selection of poutines. I had the taco beef poutine and being quite a large portion, my son was happy to share it with me. It was yummy. I would definitely eat here again!
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Dairy Queen – Calgary

DQ BlizzardsThe kids were wanting Blizzards so after church on Sunday, it was Dairy Queen that we headed too. There is a really great deal on right now, a protein, your choice of chicken strips, chicken wrap or deluxe cheeseburger with fries, drink, and sundae all for 6 bucks. For an extra dollar you can upgrade to a blizzard. For a family of five this made dining out Sunday very affordable. Plus, the service was great, the food was fresh, and it was very quiet in the restaurant. It was lovely. The kids (and me) want to go back…..maybe even next week. Go before the deal is over, it is a price you just can’t beat!
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Marv’s Classic Soda Shop – Black Diamond

Strawberry Ice Cream SodaThis weekend was our anniversary, the big 17th! The kids had swimming lessons in the morning, and after we celebrated as a family at Marv’s. I have wanted to try out this establishment for years. I was so excited to finally go. My kids are all big fans of Archie comics, and they felt like they were right in Pop Tate’s! There are two menus, the soda shop menu and a luncheonette menu. We each chose one thing from each. I had the Elvis Burger. What is that you ask, it’s a burger with lettuce, mayo, tomato…..and peanut butter banana. It was good. You could really taste the burger and the pb&b. Kind of like taking a bite of each and chewing it all together. I also had a chocolate malt because it seemed the thing to order at a 50’s diner. Two of the kids ordered banana splits with their burgers, one had a Strawberry Ice cream Soda with Poutine. Hubby had the bopper wopper, a double burger with fixings and a creamsicle milkshake. It was an extremely fun outing, the kids got up multiple times to choose a song on the jukebox, and peruse the candy/pop section. A place we would all love to enjoy again and again, if only it was a little closer. We will have to save it for the extra special times. Elvis burger
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