Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – Epcot

IMG_2103Due to the magnitude of the Florida parks, we decided to not plan too much around meals. Every place was new to us so we kind of just ate where we were. Except for the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. I knew I wanted to try their pastries. I have some Norwegian in me so Lefse was a staple at the Christmas dinner. And Easter. . . and Thanksgiving. . basically if there was turkey on the table, there was also Lefse. I don’t think my kids have ever tried it though, as I never learned to make it myself. Something I will have to remedy. So I anyways, I didn’t know what time of day we would be eating our pastries, but I knew when we arrived at the Norwegian Pavilion that we would be eating. So directly after eating Mexico and sharing Nachos, we had our snacks. We tried the Lefse of course, which at 1.99 for a snack at Disney really is unbeatable, it’s pictured above. This one was most of the families favorite. We also had the famous school bread. That’s it below. It was moist and had a creamy custard filling, also , really very good. I would definitely order both again. The berry cream puff, was pretty good too, but the other two were the ones that we all liked and would get again. Needless to say, we liked our little pastry trip to Norway.IMG_2104 IMG_2107
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February Favorites- 2012

Autumn at the Rainforest CafeAnother month just flew by. Of course when you have amazing things planned like a trip to Disney you know that time will go by much to quickly. Maybe I should move to Disneyland? Perfect solution, then I would never have to leave. Although, sometimes when something is over done it does seem to lose some special quality, maybe I love Disney so much because I spread out the love a few years apart. A quandary, I know. Anyways, another month, another favorites list, all delicious of course.

CakeBest Baking- Unfortunately while I was at said Disney trip it was time for Crazy Cooking Challenge and there was some problems with my post, I did not get back in time to have it submitted, but I still got to make and eat a delicious Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake, which definitely wins the prize for best baking of the month. Um yumm…. I need to make this again!


Beef ManicottyBest Cooking- My husband was away in Africa for 2 1/2 weeks, although because I was in Disneyland with the kids, I didn’t really seem to notice,  it went by really , really fast and I missed him a lot. As a special treat for him I made one of his favorite dinners as a welcome home treat. Beef Manicotti , not much can beat a good baked pasta covered in cheese.


Chicken sandwich and friesBest Dining Out- How can I possibly pick? I am going to go with my very favorite place to go when in Anaheim, The Rainforest Cafe. It is one of the only places that we absolutely have to go while on vacation here. Yummy food, and terrific atmosphere, and as a special bonus Cherry Coke.

See you next month!

Disney Dining Day 6

The Golden HorseshoeThe last day. Time to say good-bye to Disneyland, and Hello reality. Luckily I have a pretty amazing life, mostly due to my husband and kids, and a few other peeps that I love (you know who you are). And so we get up early to go to our last day at the parks. Now we go to Disneyland every couple of years, and so traditions have been made. By the last day we have already seen all the shows, riden on all the rides, so we all pick one do-over, something that we simply must experience again before we go! So we were back to Tomorrowland to experience Star Tours one last time, then off to Finding Nemo’s submarine voyage, and then A Small World (that was my pick). We then headed over to The Golden Horseshoe for lunch and a show by Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. We had fish and chips, Chili Cheese fries and ended the meal with some Ice Cream Sundaes. Yum!Ice Cream Sundaes
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Then we headed back over to The California Adventure side to catch The Aladdin show, plus of course we rode, Soarin over California and Monsters Inc again too. We knew it would be a long night because we still had a fireworks show plus a few leftover ride picks to do in the evening so we went back to the hotels for a much-needed rest. For dinner we stopped at IHOP before we went back into the parks. IHOP you say, well, for one thing I love me some diner food, scrumtious, secondly, we don’t have a IHOP where we live. Sad but true. I had pancakes that had all sorts of goodies in them, blueberries, bananas, granola, walnuts, and scrambled eggs on the side which I discovered taste great with hot sauce. Scrambled eggs with hot sauce who knew right? The kids all thought IHOP was one of the best meals we had, they are pretty easy to please and I love them for it!Breakfast for Dinner
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Disney Dining Day 5

Day 5, Our trip is almost over. Sad really, but we are also really excited to go home and see my husband who was in Africa on business (which is why he was not in Disneyland with us). We started the day out by visiting Fantasyland, the part of Disneyland made for the kid in all of us. You get to soar over London in Peter Pan’s flight, go down the rabbit hole with Alice, soar above the skies on Dumbo. It is amazing really. Then we headed over to the Monorail and took our ride to Downtown Disney where we had lunch at my very favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, The Rainforest Cafe. First off, I was really excited because finally I found a restaurant that carries Cherry Coke, Whew got to have it before we got back to Canada, crisis averted! I had the delicious Pastalaya which is basically Jambalaya but on linguine instead of rice, delicious and spicy!Pastalaya

My dad had the Combo fajita, which looked pretty tasty indeed. Mom had the Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich, all the kids ordered kid’s meals. It was a perfect delicious lunch, and a must stop if you find yourself in Anaheim. Next, we shopped our way down downtown Disney, finishing with a stop at The World of Disney and did our big vacation shop. Then back to the hotel for a must needed rest.Combo Fajitas
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For dinner we all split up, mom stayed at the hotel for the evening, and as the little ladies really wanted to wait in line to meet both Tinkerbell and then Rapunzel, we decided the boys should just head off in search of their own fun. So off to Tomorrowland they went, while we went in search of princesses and fairies, after we had got the signatures and pictures it was time for dinner. The Rapunzel character meet conveniently exits into the Village Haus Restaurant, so the girls and I headed to the tills. We decided to share a cheese pizza and Apple Cheddar Salad. The salad was delicious absolutely filled with cheese, apples, cranberries, walnuts, with a very complimentary honey yogurt dressing.Pizza and Salad
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Then for our treat we headed back to the Jolly Holiday Bakery for some more baked goods. Yup, we are girls and that’s how we roll. This time I had the flourless chocolate cake, which was pretty much heaven in my mouth. Jordan had the Oatmeal Raisin cookie and Autumn had the Danish. Plus some hot cocoas, to warm our cold fingers. We left not a single bite, so I guess you could say that was one good treat!Selected Treats
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