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Yes, you read that correct! I have a new facebook page. What does that mean? Well, if you like me, really like me….come on over to Facebook and like me over there too. You will get the recipes, plus a few restaurant reviews right in your newsfeed. Just click on the link below, and presto, recipes delivered right to you!

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Foxy Bingo

Not sure how many of my readers are in the UK or have an appetite for Bingo as well as yummy recipes.  This post is a quick shout out to one of the best known online bingo sites in the UK. Foxy Bingo has been around since 2005 (seven years) and has been growing the whole time.  As can often be found in online gaming, Foxy Bingo provides a “first deposit” bonus of 200% (worth up to £100), but also a 50% reload bonus.

Originally, Foxy Bingo just had two rooms, but now has fourteen rooms of both 75 and 90 ball games. Foxy Bingo’s popularity has been garnered by its high quality, catchy television ads throughout the UK, which wittingly use well known UK bingo number nicknames (ex. B3, cup of tea; O71, bang on the drum…).  Compilations of these can be found on Youtube fairly easily.

For bingo enthusiasts, FoxyBingo has many many advantages.

  1. Great selection of rooms to choose from (14 separate rooms)
  2. Someone wins every 15 seconds (£40 million awarded every month)
  3. Well known brand supported by established company
  4. Trips available to be won
  5. Free games available to be played

The website is easy to navigate with prizes and rooms easy to discover. From my basic research, looks like a pretty fun way to play bingo.