Tommyfield Gastro Pub – Calgary

FriesAnother date night. I know, two date nights in the same week, even with three kids. Let me tell you parents of young ones, once they are old enough to stay home alone, date nights become SO much easier. So hubby and I decided to go out and celebrate an anniversary. Not of marriage, not even of dating, but of the day we met. Yes, we know the exact date. We didn’t really go to all that trouble, but we did leave the kids at home and go eat some dinner out. I really was in a quandary of were I wanted to go, and if in doubt I always chose a pub. I love pub food. Not to pricey, always delicious. We even went to one very close to where we live to keep the driving to a minimum. As soon as we walked in I knew I was going to love it. It has great decor. Then we got to the menu, and there were so many options that sounded delicious. Always a good sign when you have a hard time choosing what to order. I had the Brick Street Curry. A different curry is served everyday, on the day we went it was Almond Chicken. It was great! Totally enjoyed it! Hubby had the Spinach Salad with Steelhead trout. I didn’t try the fish (not a seafood fan), but the salad was also delicious! Hubby also had a side of fries, with gravy, and that was the golden ticket. Best Gravy Ever. I stole more than my fair share. This is definitely a place we will be going back too!
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Alloy – Calgary

IMG_1665The time for Christmas parties is here. Last week we had not one but two. Two nights to get ourselves fancied up and go out for a night without the kids. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves. Christmas party two arrived, and we headed off to Alloy. An upscale dining restaurant right in the heart of an industrial area. We found ourselves in the right place. It was lovely. The setting was great. The service was amazing! (Ask for Zane when you go), and the food was wonderful too. With four courses let me tell you, we left feeling a little too full. Unfortunately for you the pictures did not turn out that great, so up above is the seared tuna, course number two. The beef tenderloin was what hubs and I both chose for our main course, and it was tender melt in your mouth beef. The best of the night though, was the truffle gnocchi that came on the side. Seriously it was even better than dessert. We had a grand time out, thanks to the folks at Alloy.
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Applebee’s – Calgary

chicken with Honey ShrimpSunday lunch out. One of my favorite times of the week. A time to reconnect with the hubby that is often working all weekend. A time when the kids are all happy because they get to choose their own meal, and make some decisions of what to eat. Moms happy because she gets a meal off of cooking, or more importantly, time off of dishes. So, we headed out to Applebee’s which has recently opened up in the Northeast very close to our church. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I like chain restaurants. I like the vast variety on the menu. I like that most things will be good. I like that there is something for everybody. I had the Reuben, and it was absolutely delicious. In fact, possibly for the first time ever, every single person (2 adults, 3 kids) finished everything that was on their plates. Not one French fry was left standing. So I guess you could say that we liked it. A Lot. Our son, who very rarely orders anything but a burger, highly enjoyed the cowboy burger (pictured below). The girls had a corn dog, and pasta marinara, Hubby had chicken with potatoes and green beans and honey shrimp (pictured above). Service was excellent, food was great. The kids want to go back, next week. What more can I say, we had a great afternoon.Cowboy Burger
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Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Sirloin with sidesWow, there has not been a lot of cooking going on in our kitchen! After a week of me being sick and basically opening canned soup for my children, my husband took out the family on Sunday, and last night we went on a date. We have decided to make sure we go on one really great date every month this year. Not really a New Year’s resolution, but a “we want to put a priority on this part of our lives”. I am excited. After dinner we went and saw Les Miserables, which we both really enjoyed and thought Russel Crowe did a great job, quite opposite of what everyone else seems to be saying, but hey we liked it! Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself, as you are sitting there reading a food blog, you probably want to hear about our dinner. We finally checked out Chop. It has been there for quite a while, and as my husband and I are both a big fan of steak, I am quite surprised we have never tried this place before! They have meals called the chopped experience that include a starter salad or soup, steak, veggies, and your choice of side. We both ordered that. I started with the French Onion Soup, it was quite tasty, a little thicker than the usual French Onion Soup, but delicious none the less. I then had a sirloin steak, with mashed potatoes, which very strongly tasted of horseradish. I like horseradish therefore really enjoyed them, however if you are not a fan you probably want to order a different side. My husband started with the caesar salad, he said it was really good, he ate the whole thing before I could take a bite, so I will have to take his word for it. That’s okay though I got him back when his food came. He ordered the New York, with a side of white truffle Mac and Cheese. That Mac and Cheese was the best thing of all that we ordered and I will admit my fork made my way over to his plate more than once. The dessert menu looked pretty good, however we were both too full to try anything from it, so we will just have to try again next time. Although being right beside a movie theater it could be the perfect opportunity to go out for desserts after a show. So yes, if you haven’t been, give it a try. It truly was a lovely experience.Rib eye with Mac and Cheese
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