Nando’s Chicken- Calgary

Nando's ChickenWe have finally tried Nando’s Chicken, and I cannot believe that it took us this long. What a fun (and delicious) restaurant. Also, very affordable. We got the family pack, which feeds 3-4, with chicken, choice of two sides, and choice of garlic bread or buns. We went with fries (wouldn’t have been my top choice, but hey kids love em) and vegetables (this was my choice, and mom loved em), and garlic bread, which everybody loved! On the side of the restaurant you find, a variety of sauces to use to your dipping pleasure. This works great as I love spicy and the kiddos do not, so I can spice up my chicken and leave it plain for the spice intolerant. There you also find nice big jugs of water to help yourself too, which I like. I drink a lot of water and it is very helpful to be able to serve yourself as opposed to waiting for a waitress to come and help you. Overall, we love this place, and will surely be back!
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The Fine Diner Bistro – Calgary

Bacon Burger and FriesOur new favourite place to dine is The Fine Diner Bistro. We have discovered a few beautiful little dishes here, and the actual restaurant is a cute little spot right in Inglewood. Love the decor, love the food. Hubs, is one of those rare individuals who finds one thing he likes on a menu and sticks with it! He ordered the duck Benny the first time in for breakfast and proclaimed it so good, he wold never try anything new again. Enter lunch. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger, and may have discovered the best burger in town. I was nice. I shared with hubby, and he loved it. Now he has two things that are both amazing. Our youngest ordered the pancakes, (you get an option of plain, blueberry, chocolate chip) I won’t need to tell you she chose chocolate. It is a huge stack of pancakes. Even with me pilfering off her plate (couldn’t help myself, too good!), she ate the leftovers for days! All 5 of us, just love this little gem. Plus,  bonus for you all, it accommodates gluten-free, so if that is necessary for your family you can feel safe eating here. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home!
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Tommyfield Gastro Pub – Calgary

FriesAnother date night. I know, two date nights in the same week, even with three kids. Let me tell you parents of young ones, once they are old enough to stay home alone, date nights become SO much easier. So hubby and I decided to go out and celebrate an anniversary. Not of marriage, not even of dating, but of the day we met. Yes, we know the exact date. We didn’t really go to all that trouble, but we did leave the kids at home and go eat some dinner out. I really was in a quandary of were I wanted to go, and if in doubt I always chose a pub. I love pub food. Not to pricey, always delicious. We even went to one very close to where we live to keep the driving to a minimum. As soon as we walked in I knew I was going to love it. It has great decor. Then we got to the menu, and there were so many options that sounded delicious. Always a good sign when you have a hard time choosing what to order. I had the Brick Street Curry. A different curry is served everyday, on the day we went it was Almond Chicken. It was great! Totally enjoyed it! Hubby had the Spinach Salad with Steelhead trout. I didn’t try the fish (not a seafood fan), but the salad was also delicious! Hubby also had a side of fries, with gravy, and that was the golden ticket. Best Gravy Ever. I stole more than my fair share. This is definitely a place we will be going back too!
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Moxie’s – Calgary

Nachos, BurgerA rare treat to go out to a different mall. We usually stick to the one close to home. So while our girls were off with their friends, we got to hang out at Market mall with our lovely son. We decided to all go out to eat while we were there as well. We thought Moxie’s was in order, a restaurant that we used to frequent quite often, but have not been to in a long time. This was also our first time visiting this location. It was nice. It had a homey, almost romantic feeling. You can see the open kitchen, and the setting and staff were all white nice. We went on a Saturday night and got seated right away, which was nice as we were expecting at least a small wait. We decided to share instead of all ordering a whole entrée. We got the large Nachos which was so big the three of us couldn’t even finish it. That may be because we also shared (or the boys did anyways) and burger and fries. And of course, there is no visiting Moxie’s with  out the delicious broccoli cheese soup, which we started with. All in all, it was a lovely night out with a portion of the lovely family. We would definitely visit again.
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