Tommyfield Gastro Pub – Calgary

FriesAnother date night. I know, two date nights in the same week, even with three kids. Let me tell you parents of young ones, once they are old enough to stay home alone, date nights become SO much easier. So hubby and I decided to go out and celebrate an anniversary. Not of marriage, not even of dating, but of the day we met. Yes, we know the exact date. We didn’t really go to all that trouble, but we did leave the kids at home and go eat some dinner out. I really was in a quandary of were I wanted to go, and if in doubt I always chose a pub. I love pub food. Not to pricey, always delicious. We even went to one very close to where we live to keep the driving to a minimum. As soon as we walked in I knew I was going to love it. It has great decor. Then we got to the menu, and there were so many options that sounded delicious. Always a good sign when you have a hard time choosing what to order. I had the Brick Street Curry. A different curry is served everyday, on the day we went it was Almond Chicken. It was great! Totally enjoyed it! Hubby had the Spinach Salad with Steelhead trout. I didn’t try the fish (not a seafood fan), but the salad was also delicious! Hubby also had a side of fries, with gravy, and that was the golden ticket. Best Gravy Ever. I stole more than my fair share. This is definitely a place we will be going back too!
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Black Betty Burger & Wine Bar – Calgary

IMG_1737We left the comfort of the suburbs to enjoy a burger and glass of wine. I found this restaurant online, when I was looking for ideas for the business party way back in December. We weren’t sure it was quite the right fit for a Christmas party, but that didn’t mean we weren’t anxious to try it. So when we did our monthly dinner and a movie date, we drove downtown on a very cold, very snowy January night. I loved that there was an old black and white movie playing (no sound) on a huge screen. It really added to the atmosphere. Although the food seemed to take a little longer than most, it seemed to fit. You don’t want to rush through your meal, sit and enjoy the place, and the company as well. Maybe not the best place to go if you want o be in and out quickly, but a very enjoyable place for a nice relaxing dinner. The upscale burgers were quite good. Very fresh buns, always important. The sides that we tried (Caesar Salad, and Onion Rings) we would definitely order again, so all in all it was a fun dining experience.


This restaurant is now closed.
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State & Main – Calgary

State & MainLast night was the annual sister’s shopping trip, and let me tell you, shop we did. After over 4 hours of mall walking, talking, and of course buying we showed up at State & Main ravenous. Three starving ladies, did the waitress find when she got to our table. Eating this late, did not do good things to my stomach, however, I enjoyed my meal immensely. I had the French dip, and with sandwiches, burgers and mains you get to choose not one but two side dishes. This proved a difficult task. I eventually decided on the quinoa salad, that one was a shoe-in. For the second, I had the mixed greens, which I actually preferred between the two. The menu is great, they had many, many options that I would have liked to try. The service was great, easy location for after shopping. Yes, indeed, I will be back, next time I will bring hubby.
French Dip
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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wrap, chips and salsaI have been wanting to try out Buffalo Wild Wings since I saw that it opened, so the family and I finally made it out on Sunday. This restaurant definitely has the sports bar feel with loud T.V’s all around you all playing different various sports channels, but it also has kid’s menus! The kids all loved this place, and unlike their parents, actually ordered the wings. I thought kid’s meals were pretty well priced, for 4.49 you get a choice between wings, chicken fingers or cheeseburger all with fries, however, a drink is apparently not included as we discovered when we got our bill. My husband had the burger and was really quite thrilled with, even proclaiming it to be one of the best burgers in the city. I was quite happy with my buffalo chicken wrap that came with tortillas and salsa. All in all we had a wonderful time, and will be returning for sure. kid's wings
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