Costa Vida- Calgary

Nacho PlateI am love these Mexican Quasi Fast Food restaurants that are popping up. Much like subway, you get to pick what goes in your burrito. This restaurant is in the same vein as a Mucho Burrito type restaurant. Our family of five all quite liked. It is a fun change while dining out, and not too hard on the pocket books either. I had the Nachos, which were lovely and I would definitely order again. The rest of the family had smothered burritos, with rice and beans on the side. The kids weren’t crazy about the beans, but hey, they rarely are, so I just added them to my nacho plate and everyone was happy. Nice location, very clean, nice staff. All in all a nice fast dining experience.
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Taco Time – Calgary

IMG_14713 weeks. All at the food court. All trying out new places. Yes, we did it again. We made the kids pick, three new places three weeks in a row. Well, technically the first week they all picked their standard favorites. So I think we are done now, eating around the food court was a success. Still so many stands to try though. I actually had a hard time deciding myself the third time around, so when our son informed me he would be going to Taco Time I thought I would tag along. One reason alone is their hot sauce. I love the stuff. I not only dip my Mexi-fries (otherwise known as tater tots) into the delicious sauce, but also whatever I happen to be having as my main dish. This time around it was the Chicken Fajita which I have never had before. It was good. I do think I prefer the Supreme Beef Burrito which is my usual pick at this location, but hey this was about trying new things, so I did!
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Jungle Jim’s- Edmonton

Jungle Jims EdmontonThis last weekend we had the pleasure of going up to Edmonton for a wedding. We even got to bring our kids, so we made it a little mini vacation, which was nice considering our big vacation was without them this year. So what do you do while vacationing in Edmonton, well you go to the mall. West Edmonton mall to be more specific. We even spent the night at the hotel there, so it was nice to just be able to wake up and shop. We even did some Christmas shopping! On Sunday we did want to start getting headed home so we only went to a few stores, just the kids favorites and then an early lunch before the big drive home. We went to Jungle Jim’s a great place for kids. We find that sometimes, kid’s meals are ages 10 and under ,sometimes 12 and under, as we have one 12 and one 11-year-old, we always check what the menu says and go from there. If it says, 10 and under we do let them order from the adult menu, making our dining out a little more pricey. Especially when your 11-year-old daughter decides to order the 20 dollar chicken and rib combo, and then proceeds to eat …the …whole ..thing. We were shocked and amazed, apparently she was hungry girl, and also really liked the food. She proclaimed through the whole meal how much she liked it. I ordered the spinach dip, which I also really liked, other orders at our table also included a burger, taquitos, and chicken buddies with fries from the kid’s meal. Everybody was extremely happy with their meal, and everything came out piping hot. So if you have kids, or if you don’t head on over to Jungle Jim’s for a swinging good time.
hot spinach dip
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Chili’s -Calgary

Bacon Ranch QuesadillasWhile the husband is off learning all about wines and spirits, the kids and I were busy having a lovely Sunday. First of all church of course, then off to lunch. One of my favorite times of the week sitting down at a restaurant with my family. Today was Chili’s one of my favorites! I love their guacamole! I usually have a cheeseburger with guacamole but since we are having burgers for supper tomorrow, I opted to try something new. I went with the Bacon Ranch Quesadillas. They were great! I would absolutely order them again. Service was good, atmosphere was fun, it was an excellent Sunday pick!
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