Sunterra Market – Calgary

PerogiesMy husband is the best. I had errands to run downtown. I do not enjoy driving downtown. That is scary stuff. I don’t know the roads, and generally avoid it at all costs. So he took time off his busy day to be my own personal chauffeur. AND he took me out to lunch too. I have long wanted to try out Sunterra in the TransCanada Tower. Unfortunately it is only open Monday to Friday, and we do our dining out on Sundays. Our family thing, church then lunch out. So restaurants that are closed, we just don’t go too. Being downtown, and being a Friday, to Sunterra we went. What a fun restaurant! The layout looks like a little market. Shocking, market is right there in the title. But I loved this place. It had so much selection. There baked goods looked amazing. I had Perogy Madness. Perogies with a smoked sausage sauce on top. Hubby had the chicken quesadilla AND asparagus soup. I do wish they were open on Sunday, so we could visit a bit more often, but it was certainly a fun afternoon out.
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Dairy Queen – Calgary

DQ BlizzardsThe kids were wanting Blizzards so after church on Sunday, it was Dairy Queen that we headed too. There is a really great deal on right now, a protein, your choice of chicken strips, chicken wrap or deluxe cheeseburger with fries, drink, and sundae all for 6 bucks. For an extra dollar you can upgrade to a blizzard. For a family of five this made dining out Sunday very affordable. Plus, the service was great, the food was fresh, and it was very quiet in the restaurant. It was lovely. The kids (and me) want to go back…..maybe even next week. Go before the deal is over, it is a price you just can’t beat!
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Taco Time – Calgary

IMG_14713 weeks. All at the food court. All trying out new places. Yes, we did it again. We made the kids pick, three new places three weeks in a row. Well, technically the first week they all picked their standard favorites. So I think we are done now, eating around the food court was a success. Still so many stands to try though. I actually had a hard time deciding myself the third time around, so when our son informed me he would be going to Taco Time I thought I would tag along. One reason alone is their hot sauce. I love the stuff. I not only dip my Mexi-fries (otherwise known as tater tots) into the delicious sauce, but also whatever I happen to be having as my main dish. This time around it was the Chicken Fajita which I have never had before. It was good. I do think I prefer the Supreme Beef Burrito which is my usual pick at this location, but hey this was about trying new things, so I did!
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Bourbon Street Grill – Calgary

IMG_1421The Food Court at the mall is always a great place to go with kids. Lots of options make¬†everyone happy. We have a standard ,you get to have whatever you want to have, rule while eating out. Rarely do we go somewhere and share, or choose for the kids. This time we shook things up a bit. Our kids all have their favorites. They will almost always eat at the same place when visiting the food court. So we went 2 weeks in a row, and the first time let them pick whatever they wanted. They all had their standards, subway and A&W. Week number 2 we made them choose somewhere else. And since the kids were doing it, so did the adults, so this time around we had pizza and Spaghetti from Sbarro, New York Fries, and I tried a completely new to me place The Bourbon Street Grill. It was great. This is what trying new places gets you. I had the Cajun BBQ Chicken, very spicy, did not need the accompanying hot sauce that I took on the side, Jambalaya rice which had lots of flavor, and my choice of two veggies. Our middle kid was eyeing my plate, she thought it looked and smelt delicious, and it did, I didn’t share though, as the chicken was just to spicy for her. She may just head over there herself next time we go to try out one of their more kid friendly options. So , give something new a try, you just might like it.
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