Cow’s Ice Cream – Banff

Cows Ice CreamWhen in Banff, every Father’s day, we like to enjoy Cow’s Ice Cream. I think the vast majority of visitors frequent the candy store. It is, I am sure, practically famous. Hubby’s dessert of choice however, is ice cream. Specifically hard ice cream, much preferred over soft serve. So we head over to Cows to enjoy this icy treat. It really is a fun little store. Cow puns abound, and they have a nice selection of flavours. This time around there was quite a line up, so apparently, not everybody was at the candy store after all. If in Banff, if desiring ice cream, this is the shop for you.
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Marble Slab Creamery – Calgary

Ice CreamIce Cream is not my most favourite dessert. I mean I like it. I prefer cake. Cake with Ice cream, that is a good time. But going out for ice cream, know that I love. Everyone gets to pick their own flavour, everyone is happy. For some reason eating a bowl of ice cream at home is just not the same, at all. Marble Slab has opted the ante. Not only do you get to pick your flavour , you get to pick what’s mixed in. So it’s a nice little treat now and again. The now have unlimited mix-in’s so we are much more likely to go, compared when you had to pay for each one individually. Word of advice, get the peanut butter sauce, best thing I have eaten in a very long time.

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Maria Market – Calgary

Cabbage SoupGuys , we have a Transylvanian bistro in our city! Who knew right? Not only that, but it is amazing. First off, love the decor. Secondly, the food was amazing. It was sort of buffet style. I say sort of because you pay by weight. So basically you chose what you want, and then weight it and pay. Then sit down and eat. Or you can opt for a bowl of soup and bun, which is a set price per bowl. The offering the day I went was cabbage with smoked meat, and as that sounded like the most delightful soup ever made that is what I had. I can’t wait to go back. Attached is a bakery/deli/grocery combo store, so that was very fun to have a gander through as well. Delicious, and a very fun afternoon out. Definitely not your usual  run of the mill restaurant!
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London Fog Cafe – Calgary

IMG_1751I love little cafes where you canst and have a nice warm beverage, a little snack or a light lunch. These types of restaurants are just my cup of tea. Unfortunately London Fog Cafe is closed on Sundays, or usual dining out day. So when bestie and I decided to hang on a Friday instead of our usual Thursday evening, this seemed like the perfect spot. Also, it’s conveniently located right beside one of my other favourite places to be…a second hand bookstore. Unfortunately we both came out empty-handed in that case, no books that tempted us on this particular day. Lunch however, was a nice little stop. The service was very friendly, the coffee was great and the little egg bagel I had was warm and fresh, made to order and delivered to the table. Soups, sandwiches, salads and baked goods will await you on your next stop to London Fog.
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