The Fine Diner Bistro – Calgary

Bacon Burger and FriesOur new favourite place to dine is The Fine Diner Bistro. We have discovered a few beautiful little dishes here, and the actual restaurant is a cute little spot right in Inglewood. Love the decor, love the food. Hubs, is one of those rare individuals who finds one thing he likes on a menu and sticks with it! He ordered the duck Benny the first time in for breakfast and proclaimed it so good, he wold never try anything new again. Enter lunch. I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger, and may have discovered the best burger in town. I was nice. I shared with hubby, and he loved it. Now he has two things that are both amazing. Our youngest ordered the pancakes, (you get an option of plain, blueberry, chocolate chip) I won’t need to tell you she chose chocolate. It is a huge stack of pancakes. Even with me pilfering off her plate (couldn’t help myself, too good!), she ate the leftovers for days! All 5 of us, just love this little gem. Plus,  bonus for you all, it accommodates gluten-free, so if that is necessary for your family you can feel safe eating here. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home!
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Moxie’s – Calgary

Nachos, BurgerA rare treat to go out to a different mall. We usually stick to the one close to home. So while our girls were off with their friends, we got to hang out at Market mall with our lovely son. We decided to all go out to eat while we were there as well. We thought Moxie’s was in order, a restaurant that we used to frequent quite often, but have not been to in a long time. This was also our first time visiting this location. It was nice. It had a homey, almost romantic feeling. You can see the open kitchen, and the setting and staff were all white nice. We went on a Saturday night and got seated right away, which was nice as we were expecting at least a small wait. We decided to share instead of all ordering a whole entrée. We got the large Nachos which was so big the three of us couldn’t even finish it. That may be because we also shared (or the boys did anyways) and burger and fries. And of course, there is no visiting Moxie’s with  out the delicious broccoli cheese soup, which we started with. All in all, it was a lovely night out with a portion of the lovely family. We would definitely visit again.
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Naina’s Kitchen – Calgary

Grilled CheeseFor my birthday weekend way back in December, hubs and I got to have a date. All three of our kids were busy so we hit the town, and decided to try a new to us restaurant. I had heard good things about this restaurant, plus we had a buy one free coupon, from the Treasure Chest. So we headed down to Naina’s Kitchen on a Saturday night. They specialize in stuffed burgers, which hubby tried and loved. He made his own, as in picked what it was stuffed with. They also specialize in grilled cheese, so I went that route, and enjoyed my buffalo chicken grilled cheese. We both opted for salads that evening, I guess we were in the mood for something healthy. The salads, were not as good as the main course. Next time I think I will stick with french fries, or even better upgrade to poutine. It was a lovely spot, with a lot of options on the menu, so I am sure we will be back.
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Dragon’s Lair Burger Company

BurgerMy favourite restaurant is always one that I haven’t tried before. I love going out to new places. So over the weekend we headed over to Westbrook mall, and enjoyed Dragon’s Lair, located in the food court. I didn’t actually know it was in a food court when we went, so the two girls quite happily headed over to Subway, to buy their lunches. The boys and I wanted to try this new burger place. It was very affordable for the type of burger you received, and much like Harvey’s you get to chose your own toppings. In addition to the burgers, there is of course the normal fries and onion rings, and quite a fun selection of poutines. I had the taco beef poutine and being quite a large portion, my son was happy to share it with me. It was yummy. I would definitely eat here again!
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