Umi Sushi Express – Calgary

Bento BoxOne of our many family traditions (can’t help it, love traditions and routines) is going out for lunch together on Sunday afternoon. It is a nice relaxing thing we like to do after church. Much less stressful than coming home with little time to feed our hungry crew. We like to try new restaurants, but one place the whole family loves to go is the mall food court. It’s simple. Everybody can get something they like. Easy. Peasy. We almost always get the same thing too, funny unlimited options, no trying new things. Very unlike me. So I tore out of food court rut and tried Umi Sushi Express. It was great. A good new try. For 6.99 you can get a mini bento box, and by “mini” they mean so much food I couldn’t even finish it. I think it is actually mini because it doesn’t actually include sushi, but you can get a bento box with that as well, for just a little bit more. The minis come with your choice of Teriyaki (I had beef) and a choice of either yam fries or vegetable tempura. Although the fries looked very delicious, I haven’t had tempura in ages, so I went with that. Very happy with my choices. Lunch was tasty indeed.
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Koryo Korean BBQ

Udon SoupDate Night! We went to the mall, sans teenagers. We got to go to the stores that we wanted too, we got to take as long as we wanted! After dropping off our son, we were close to Sunridge Mall, one that we don’t usually frequent. Although, we came away empty-handed we still had fun. Plus, I tried a new (to me anyways) restaurant. Our usual mall does not have a Koryo, so I thought since we were there, I would give it a try. Yummy! I totally enjoyed my dumpling Udon soup, and I would surely get it again. Topped with a nice healthy portion of Kimchi, and I was quite happy with my decision. May have to hit up this mall again, if only for the food.

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China Rose – Calgary

Won Ton, China RoseOur family goes out once a week, and then the rest of the week we eat at home. We like to splurge that one fun day a week, and after church is the perfect time to do it. A day for the family to spend together, plus it is easier than making lunch for a bunch of ravenous people. So after church we head out and always have a good time. It has been ages since we have been to a buffet, they are in low commodity now a days. When I was a kid they seem to be much more popular, and easier to find. As luck would have it, there is a lovely Chinese buffet right by our church location. So we headed there for lunch. With a 13.99 all-you-can eat price, with only 7.00 for 12 and under, it certainly was very affordable. We got there a bit before they opened, (12 on Sundays) so everything was fresh and piping hot when we got to it. They had y personal favourite Won Ton soup, so I was happy, and the girls loved the all-you-can eat Mango ice cream. All in all, we left very happy with full bellies, and satisfied grins.
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Open Sesame – Calgary

Stir-FryThe company Christmas party this year was at Open Sesame. One of my very favourite things, about the Christmas party is when we get to try out a new restaurant. I have been to Mongolie Grill, which is a similar concept, but have never made my way over to Open Sesame. We got a lovely room, practically to ourselves. We had one waiter, that took very good care of us, and the food was very good. I went ahead and made my own stir-fry, which I did not add enough sauce too. My bad. I liked the choice of options that you could choose to accompany. Coconut Rice was my choice, there were many different rice, and noodles.The appetizers were great, and the best dish of the night, was the one piece of Kung Pao Chicken, that I got to try from my father-in-laws plate. Although I didn’t opt to have any dessert the majority of the guests tried the banana wonton, and they were a big success as well. All in all it was a lovely night.
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