Jamie Recommends: Image Workshop for Women (Online Course)


It isn’t so often that I post about something non-food related, but every once in a while, I like to write a few sentences to promote something I believe in. For any of my lady readers out there, I wanted to mention an online workshop put on by one of my close friends. Adrienne Furrie is quite simply as passionate about make up and feeling confident with your own personal beauty as I am about the world of food. And, I believe that many of my friends may fall into the category of women who are interested in stepping up their appearance or who want to learn how to look their most pulled together in a way that is simple and quick. While not all of my fellow foodies are stay at home moms, I know many are and feeling beautiful is often at the bottom of the list after running a home all day. The same goes for the career ladies out there who push hard all day and sometimes don’t have much time left for themselves in the evening.

I can’t say enough about Adrienne as a person and have zero hesitation in recommending her workshop that I know, first hand, has changed so many women’s lives. So, if this perks your interest; if you are done with feeling blah and invisible and want to feel confident/turn heads again, click on the link and see if the program might interest you 🙂

Prana Coconut Chips – Product Review

Coconut ChipsMy family feels a bit like snacking in the late afternoon. The problem with this is I don’t want them to eat too much and spoil their supper. So we look for small little snacks to keep them satisfied until supper is on the table. And of course mom likes the snacks to be healthy. Our usual snack is fruit, but often we run out by the end of the week. The kids favour granola bars as the pantry staple. We recently got to review these coconut chips. They were delicious, and oh so much healthier that potato chips. The number one snacking flavour was the original. I personally liked the spicy chili the best. These are a great snack just to keep on the shelf. I also plan to throw them into some salads. This would be an additional lovely little crunch. So as an ingredient or just to be even plain, this is a nice little addition to the snack shelf in the pantry.

Opadipity Greek Yogurt Dip – product review

DipMMM…Dip. We are such a dip family.Extra dip, extra sauce, we love it. As a mom, it’s always nice when you can make some of the favourite things just a bit healthier, so we were easier to try out this new dip. If I had to describe them in one word. Yum. That is what I would pick. A few nice things about them, one: they last a long time. The expiration date was like two months after I got them. So they lasted really long, and it was pretty nice having something in the fridge just o munch on. My favourite flavour was definitely the Chipotle Ranch, I could have licked it out of the container to get every last drop. I had it on burgers, with vegetables, with chips. All good. In fact, all the flavours were great, I will certainly be buying and keeping these gems in the fridge.

CLIF Kid Organic Zbar – Product Review

#ClifkidSo the opportunity came along to try out the new Energy bars packaged for the little ones. All three of my kids are big fans of granola bars, so I knew they would love these. We were sent one of each flavour so we cut them in 3 and my munchkins did a taste test. Chocolate Brownie was the clear-cut favourite. Maybe my chocoholic nature has rubbed off on them a wee bit. Iced Oatmeal, and Chocolate Chip tied for second place. The kids all agreed if these were bought they would also be eaten.