Norwegian Jade – Dinner Night 7

Norwegian JAde, Bread DumplingNorwegian Jade, Soup

The dinner before we disembark the ship. We spent the day in Split, Croatia, which was lovely. Besides the part that hubby made me climb a rickety old bell tower, where I thought I was going to plummet to my immediate and disastrous death. Besides that, we loved Croatia. What a beautiful country. We arrived back on the ship just in time to eat dinner, and sit by the window as we sailed away. It was perfect timing, and we were ready to have one more great night. We ate a little lighter than usual this night. If you have read the previous posts, I am sure you think we are gluttons. It may be true on vacation, but is certainly not part of our regular lifestyle. Looking back we did eat quite a lot of food. Not sorry one iota. We had fun! For the “last” supper we each had one appetizer, Hubby enjoyed the Hungarian goulash soup, I loved the bread dumpling. For our main course, hubby had the chicken parmesan and I tried out the Stripling steak from the everyday menu, which unfortunately was a bit to overcooked. I could easily have sent it back and gotten a new one,but I really was not that concerned. Not even dessert, because tomorrow, we arrive in Italy for 3 days of more eating!IMG_5337Norwegian Jade, Chicken Parmesan

Norwegian Jade- Dinner Night 6

BBQ Mixed Grill, Norwegian JAdeDinner Night 6. I was feeling just fine. No lingering illness from the night before. Time to eat. When I was reading about our cruise before we left I was very excited that there was going to be a chocolate buffet. I LOVE chocolate. So good. Unfortunately it was not offered on this cruise Boo Hoo. So instead of the chocolate buffet, they had chocolate “night” where 7 of the 8 desserts on the menu were chocolate. Plus, the dinner buffet featured chocolate that night as well. We decided to make our own buffet and ordered 6 desserts to share. Let me tell you, when your waiter brings 2 people 6 desserts, you get a few stares. Ah, well who cares? We had fun and this was definitely our feasting night of the whole vacation. SO much food! It was an exceptionally fun dinner. We of course did not have “just” dessert. Hubby started with the potato gnocchi appetizer, I had the Meditterean vegetables, I thought at least a few veggies were in order to make up for the sugar coma soon to come. All of the main entrees sounded really good this night too. Sometimes it is so difficult to make a decision. Clarke ordered the turkey dinner, I ordered the BBQ mixed grill and we shared the basil chicken because we really wanted to try that too. Everything was amazing. The BBQ mixed grill, was the best entrée of the entire cruise. We each ate half as hubby ended up liking t so much too. Turkey was also an excellent choice! So now that we are already stuffed our dessert comes, and again, the best of the cruise was among there tasty 6. It was the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar. Although ordering 6 desserts was fun, and oh so rare, next time we would each order two of this one, it was that good!Turkey DinnerNorwegian Jade MenuIMG_5197

Norwegian Jade – Dinner Night 5

Shrimp Newburg, Norwegian JadeIMG_5187

The 5th day of our cruise took us to Turkey. Ephesus, was so beautiful, and we really got to enjoy a lot of history. Unfortunately, I was quite under the weather this day. I did the best I could, and saw the sites, with the tour we booked. When it was over I got hubby to take me back to the ship, where I proceeded to be sick and sleep for the next four hours straight. Fun times. He headed back out to experience some Turkey on his own. After my four hours, I woke up feeling, much , much better. Thank goodness, it was only a one day malady! So we headed off to dinner. I did order, but taking it easy I only had about 1/4 of each dish. Perhaps the waiter thought I was not enjoying my food. Not the case, I actually thought everything was very good. Hubby feeling quite himself started with the smoked duck, ordered two entrees, the Shrimp Newburg, and the Beef Tenderloin Teriyaki. For dessert he also ordered two, the dark cherry clafoutis, and the sugar-free blueberry cheesecake. Why did he order a sugar -free dessert, because it contained both the words blueberry and cheesecake, two of his favourites. I ordered the spiced red bean soup, because soup is a must when feeling under the weather. I quite enjoyed the lamb josh rogan. Lamb is not usually my favourite cut of meat, hubby really was surprised when I ordered it, but I have been having a recent love affair with Indian food. It was delicious. If your going, order it. Main courses were certainly the highlight of this evenings dining. The appetizers were very good. Although I can’t speak for the desserts myself, hubby certainly thought they were not the very best and left over half of both.


Norwegian Jade- Blue Lagoon Cafe

Buffalo WingsDay 4 on our Adriatic Cruise took us to Athens, Greece. We booked a tour to see all the sites. Aside from being windy, it really was a lovely day. We saw of course the touristy stuff. We also had quite a lot of leisure time to shop and eat. Not actually being very hungry, we were a bit at a loss of what to do with all our time. We bought spices. We browsed. We ate some baklava, my favourite snack of the entire trip. So we sat at a little cafe and ordered cheese and coffee. When back at the ship, still not hungry we decided to keep with the theme of the day, small snacks. So we forgo the large dinner and headed to The Blue Lagoon Cafe, a comfort foods sort of place. This is included in the price of the cruise, not one of the restaurants that you have to pay extra for. We each had a soup, I had Won Ton, Clarke had Tomato Cream. Then we shared some Buffalo Wings and Spinach Artichoke Dip. There was also, fish and chips, and other homey things on the menu. We didn’t do dessert this night, but cheesecake and pound cake were the offerings. For a little snack place, it was quite nice. Spinach Artichoke Dip