Eating in Venice, Italy

Pizza in ItalyAs you may have been able to tell from previous posts we have been travelling. We had one day in Italy, followed by a 7 day Adriatic cruise, followed by 3 more days in Venice. I’m not going to lie and tell you it was all sunshine and moonbeams. By the time we arrived in Venice we were tired! The 45 minute trek to our hotel lugging all of our bags didn’t help matters. So we arrived at our hotel, stored the bags and caught a quick cat nap. We were excited to eat, and quite possibly our food expectations in Italy were a bit high. Or we just plain didn’t know how to find the good stuff. So the good , the bad, I’m going to share with you everything we did eat, and how we liked it. After our cat nap we woke up and headed over to St. Mark’s Square the meeting place for a gondola ride and city tour we had booked. This was the only part of our 3 days that was planned. Otherwise we were free agents, roaming the alleys of Venice, wandering at will. Clarke found some pizza on the way and had himself a lovely time eating away. We ate a large breakfast on the cruise ship before we left so I decided to pass on this. After our city tour, we again went back to the hotel for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Then on to dinner. I read a bunch of blogs before I went and the theme of all was 1. Stay away from the tourist spots when eating. Our hotel was quite out-of-the-way so this was easy. 2. Do not eat at places with pictures on the menu, or English, as they cater to tourists, and the food is not as good. This one was easier said than done. We walked, we looked. We did not find anywhere, and finally we gave up! Our feet hurt, our tummies were rumbling, so we went the picture/and English route. Double Whammy.Lasagna

Clarke ordered the lasagna, and I had a pizza. Both were good. Not as good as were expecting.Pizza Primavera

We hit a gelato place on the way home, and that was amazing. Did you know that you can pay .50 extra to have your cone filled with nutella? Um….yes please. Best decision I made the whole trip. Gelato in Italy

Day 2. We woke. We slept, We read. We eventually dragged ourselves out to shop and explore. We were thinking of taking the train to Verona this day, but our lack of energy won out. So we explored around our hotel. We visited the Jewish Ghetto. We had pastries.Pastry Shop, Italy

We bought our kids souvenirs. We wandered through churches. AND we found a restaurant, with no pictures, and no English at dinner time. Apparently the exact type of restaurant we were supposed to look for. We did not like it. Not one bit. Although it was certainly a new experience, not one that I would choose again. We shared a vegetable platter as an appetizer as it was either that or seafood, and I don’t enjoy the fish of the sea. Luckily the waitress did speak English, and explained the menu. Everything was seafood. Bummer. Except, the vegetables we ordered and the “cheese dish”. We did not know what to expect and then the chef came to our table with a large hollowed out cheese, and proceeded to add our pasta and make the sauce with the boiling water and scraping the sides to get it all cheesy and gooey. Sounds good as I describe it, and it was, good. Not the italian greatness we were expecting. Strike two on the dinner front. Cheese Pasta

Day 3. Time to put on our walking shoes and see all the sites. It was our very last day. We missed our kids. We wanted to go home, and still this managed to be one of our best days. We saw the Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Museums, the Rialto Bridge, where we managed to find amazing pizza.Rialto Bridge Pizza

Nestled on one the alleys, right on the bridge there it was. Calling our names. We ate, we enjoyed, Clarke went back for more. Yay, great Italian food. Dinner, we found a little restaurant with dining out doors sat on the water banks and enjoyed our very “Canadian” style ordering of spaghetti and meatballs, and tortellini.Spaghetti and Meatballs

And you know what sometimes, getting something you know you are going to like, instead of experimenting is just what the doctor ordered!Tortelleni

Ristorante Villa Condulmer Golf Club – Zerman, Italy

Remains of Italian MealSo after clocking about 20 hours with airport and airplane time we arrived in Italy pretty tired. Only to discover that the hotel we had booked had a big ole’ broken air conditioner. They put us up in a lovely villa, so essentially we got a free upgrade. Much in need of a nap, we headed straight to bed, set our alarms and preceded to spend the next two hours in blissful sleep. Then we woke up. We were thinking of heading out to Venice, but the taxi cost was 45 euros, and as we would be spending three full days there later in the trip decided to just relax. However, dinner was in order. We decided to walk to the closest village of Zerman, about 15 minutes away, and find some grub. Harder than expected, as no one, not even our waiter spoke English. We finally found what is possibly the only restaurant in this little hamlet, in the golf club. Luckily, a lot of words are familiar, Spaghetti , Fettuccine, and pastas of the like. So we basically pointed to the menus and the waiter brought us out food. He was great. We actually had a lot of fun with him, and this ended up being the best food we ate in Italy the whole trip! He brought us bread, cheese, balsamic vinegar to start. Then the pastas and wine we ordered arrived. I got a spicy olive oil spaghetti dish which I loved. Clarke got a pasta dish with a meat sauce which was also very tasty. I was stuffed. Clarke wanted dessert. He meant to order one tiramisu to share, the waiter brought us one each. Ah, well, one small mistake with the language barrier. No big deal. I could not eat mine, so salty it was wasted, but we still had an amazing night with on our little Italian adventure.
TiramisuPasta with meat sauce, ItalySpicy Oil Spaghetti