Einstein Bros. Bagels – Houston Airport


I love Bagels. I like them toasted with butter. I like them as the holding force in a sandwich. Cheese is my preference, everything is second. On our way home from Florida, my daughter was feeling quite under the weather.  We stopped at the very first place we could find to eat, which happened to be a food court. The boys went Mexican, The girls had Italian, I had a bagel. It was delicious. It was pretty pricey to be honest, but hey what isn’t after you get through security. I had the chicken salad, on my everything bagel. It was scrumptious. Service was very fast and friendly. Everything was fresh. I would definitely eat here again, alas, I do not believe this chain has yet made it’s way over to Canada.
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T-Rex Cafe – Downtown Disney

IMG_2030Downtown Disney was probably my least favorite part of the trip. We ventured there after a relaxing hotel day, and perhaps being a Saturday evening it was busier than usual. I seemed to be in a complete crowd the whole time we were there. I don’t love crowds. The huge Disney store I found completely overwhelming, so left with not a thing purchased. There were some good bits too though. I really liked the store Mickey’s Pantry. I did make a few purchases for myself there. The Candy Cauldron was possibly my favorite candy shop of all, including those in the parks. So we shopped, and then it was time for dinner before we left. T-Rex was the one restaurant that my son really wanted to visit, being the dinosaur lover that he is. We have always had a good experience at their sister company Rainforest Café so we gave it a shot. The décor alone is worth the visit. The meteor showers and dinosaurs kept us all highly entertained the whole meal. Our food was pretty good, My son ordered the double bacon cheeseburger a gargantuan meal, which he ate half of. He got to enjoy the other half the next day, one of the perks of having a hotel room with  a kitchen. I would usually tell him to simmer down and order something smaller, but hey we were on vacation at his choice of restaurant so we just let him order what he liked. He loved it. The meals were good. I’m not sure I would go back for the food alone, but we all left full and satisfied. The one advice I will give, bring a sweater, it was like the ice age in there. Mayhap part of the ambiance, but I think not. We ate faster than usual just so we could get back out into the warm Florida sun.
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ABC Commissary – Hollywood Studios

IMG_1961Wandering around Hollywood Studios and the tummy’s start to rumble. Time to find somewhere for dinner. In an effort to save sore legs, we decided to mostly eat in close location to where we were when we got hungry, as opposed to planning restaurants and walking an entire theme park to get there. For the most part this worked well, although I do feel like we missed some better options in a few instances. This is not one of them. We were all quite happy with this restaurant. The food came quickly, and was nice and hot. They had healthier options for sides, so we all opted for fresh steamed broccoli, opposed to French fries, and they had a lovely chicken quinoa salad, which I decided to try out. It was a nice break from the standard burgers and fries that is the usual theme park cuisine. Although this restaurant had that as well. After dinner we found some great stores, and a neat exhibit about Walt Disney all located right by the restaurant, so all in all, this evening turned out really great.
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Be Our Guest Restaurant – Orlando

IMG_2667For the most of our vacation we didn’t plan where to eat, just walked into the nearest restaurant when we were hungry. On our very last day we decided a plan should be made. We were headed to the Magic Kingdom and the new restaurant be our guest was open, so we thought we would give it a try. Lunch is no reservations, so that was our backup, but we just thought we would ask if any dinner reservations were available….the day before. We got some, sure they were at 4:15, so it was quite an early dinner but we happily took them. We got seated in the West Wing, basically you feel like you are eating in a deep, dark , gloomy dungeon. It was Awesome! After dinner you can take a tour of each of the different 3 rooms, west wing was by far the nicest, so we were glad we got seating in that section. I’m not sure if you can but if going, I would definitely make a request to sit there. On to the food. It was pretty good. Kids meals are 9 and under in all the parks, so our little 11-year-old was ordering 25 dollar pork shanks, but she ended up finding something she liked everywhere. The pork was pretty good, my son ordered the salmon and really liked it. Hubby had the steak, not the best steak he has ever had, but we are really spoiled with beef here in Alberta so it’s really hard to compare anywhere else. The best part of the meal, dessert! I had the triple chocolate cupcake, and I’m not going to lie, if I was not so full I would have ordered another…then another…so good! The kids all had the “grey stuff” which was good as well, but it was no cupcake. At the end of the meal you get to take your picture with beast which was a nice touch as all the other characters had really long line-ups our whole trip! So all in all, this was by far our most expensive dining experience of the trip, but well worth the splurge.
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