Kaffee Stube – Edelweiss Village – Calgary

Daily SpecialLast night we went out to one of my most favorite places in the whole city. It is the incredibly cute Edelweiss Village. A place we rarely visit it makes it even more special when we do make the trek out here. They are closed on Sundays, our usual dining out day, so it requires a special trip when we do go. They are an international café specializing mostly in German food, they have some other stuff as well. They always have a special of the day, which is what I had last night. See that picture above, it is a delicious German sausage with potatoes and sautéed Kale. Soups have always been delicious when ordered, as well as there many amazing desserts. Plus, they have a German grocery store, with all sorts of bounty you don’t find anywhere else in the city, complete with bakery and deli. The store portion is quite lovely, I like to always take a long gander through the aisles after I have had my fill. A perfect place to get your Christmas stocking stuffers or just a nice treat for yourself. Pastry Swan
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