State & Main – Calgary

State & MainLast night was the annual sister’s shopping trip, and let me tell you, shop we did. After over 4 hours of mall walking, talking, and of course buying we showed up at State & Main ravenous. Three starving ladies, did the waitress find when she got to our table. Eating this late, did not do good things to my stomach, however, I enjoyed my meal immensely. I had the French dip, and with sandwiches, burgers and mains you get to choose not one but two side dishes. This proved a difficult task. I eventually decided on the quinoa salad, that one was a shoe-in. For the second, I had the mixed greens, which I actually preferred between the two. The menu is great, they had many, many options that I would have liked to try. The service was great, easy location for after shopping. Yes, indeed, I will be back, next time I will bring hubby.
French Dip
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