Sbarro – Calgary

Sbarro Lunch Sunday lunch was another trip to the food court, both so we could see what was new at the Disney Store and also because we really love the selection. I really love when everyone is happy. Nothing can ruin a great lunch by someone complaining about the food. So we hit the food court often. Unlimited options, and it has each of the kids very favorite foods. In fact, the kids mentioned they would be very happy to go to the food court every single Sunday. I decided to forgo the favorites and hit up somewhere new. Sbarro. I got a Stromboli combo, and it was so good. So much food too, I took half home for lunch the next day. For 9 dollars, I got a huge Stromboli (Ham & Pineapple, but they have lots of flavors to choose from), bread stick, salad of my choice (Italian Chopped Salad) and Beverage. Pretty good deal. I will definitely be back. I also noticed that they have full large pizzas for only 10.99 too, so that would be a great option for the whole family. I will be back, and will add this one to my list of rotating favorites.
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