Wasims Donair & Pizza – Calgary

Pizza slice, pop and chipsWhen deciding on a restaurant for our family Sunday lunch, we take turns. Just the adults, as we don’t want to visit Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s every single week. This keeps decisions easy plus, we both get to visit our favorite places. Usually I am the one to pick new places and hubby sticks to the family favorites. So I was a little surprised when he announced we were going to drive around a look for a new place to try. Guess what. On our way home from church we found a little hidden gem, tucked away in a shopping area we usually drive right by. We say the flashing signs and we went in. We were greeted by smiles and great service. Then we ordered our very affordable lunch and all proceeded to enjoy it immensely. My son thinks it is the best restaurant lasagna to be had. the pizza crust and sauce were both delicious. Yes, a new family favorite has been added to the list, and with the location I am sure it is somewhere we will visit again and again!
Regular LasgnaLarge Donair
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