Taco Burgers

Taco BurgersIf you are a follower of my blog, you have probably heard of “picks of the month”. Basically when I started this blog, long ago, I figured I would be making lots of new stuff, and family favorites might start getting made less. So we instituted picks of the month, the 1st of the month everyone announces one thing that they want to eat in the following month. It can be anything really, dessert, meal, snack even beverage. This month my son actually grabbed a cookbook to find a “new” pick. The combination of tacos and cheeseburgers had him sold the first instant that he saw the title. A combo of his two favorite foods, he was sold. So we waited for the temperatures to heat up, and when it was minus 3 we got out the BBQ. They were a hit!

Recipe slightly adapted from Food Network 1,000 Easy Recipes

  • 3 pounds ground beef
  • 8 hamburger buns
  • 1 tsp. each kosher salt, chili powder, cumin and oregano
  • salt
  • 8 slices cheddar cheese
  • sour cream
  • salsa
  • guacamole
  • crushed tortilla chips
  • lettuce

1. Mix beef with kosher salt, chili powder, cumin and oregano. Shape into 8 patties. Sprinkle each patty with additional salt.

2. Grease BBQ, cook flipping hallway through until cooked through. Top with cheese and cook until just melted.

3. Toast buns. On bottom spread guacamole. Top with lettuce and crushed tortilla chips. On top part of bun spread sour cream and salsa. Place that burger patty in the middle.

4. Eat and enjoy!
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