Villa Madina- Calgary

Villa MadinaSunday, our glorious day with the family. We had some shopping to do so we headed to the mall. The food court, in my opinion, is an ideal dining option for families with kids. There is nothing that can spoil a lunch out more than the complaining of children. In the Southcentre food court, we were all able to get our favorite foods. So as Autumn ate her Poutine, Jordan enjoyed her ham sub and Erik devoured his cheeseburger there was happiness in the air. I went to Villa Madina, a Lebanese choice and quite enjoyed my beef shwarma platter. For a little over 8 dollars I was able to enjoy beef with tahini, rice, garlic potatoes, pita with hummus and my choice of two salads. That , my friends, was a lot of food. I have the second half for my lunch today and as I thoroughly enjoyed my meal I anxiously await the noontime hour so I can indulge again. If you haven’t tried this hidden gem, skedaddle over and treat yourself.
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