Coco Brooks- Calgary

Co Co Brooks PizzaOr usual Sunday family lunch has been interrupted a few times lately. We have been invited to visit with friends and family on this day, so of course we have taken them up on their offers. We decided we still wanted to have our family time out though so off we went on a Monday night. This was the perfect time to visit Coco Brooks as they are closed on Sundays. They serve individual sized pizzas, so everybody can get exactly what kind they want. Me, I went for the beef, onion and pineapple. It was great. They are pre made so there is no changing the toppings, however, there is so many different choices I am sure you will have no trouble at all figuring out what to eat! Also on the menu, pastas, salads, calzones and subs. They have a wide variety of drinks and also some desserts to choose from, although let me tell you that is some filling pizza, you may want to get your dessert to go! Another feature they have is you can buy the pizza frozen and cook it at home, could be a perfect movie night in our future!
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