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Cheddar Chicken SandwichChristmas time is gone. This weekend we started the colossal task of taking down the Christmas décor. Our house is back to normal. As much as I absolutely love and adore Christmas I also like having my house back to normal. So our weekend all in all, was a pretty relaxing one. Christmas take-down took up most of Saturday. Then hubs and I spent a lot of the evening watching CSI as he got a new season on DVD for Christmas. Sunday we headed off to church and then for lunch we went to Earl’s. As they don’t have kids menus, this is not a restaurant the we frequent very often, but we were blessed with a gift card for Christmas so off to Earl’s we went. We got there before the lunch rush so we were seated very promptly. Then our waitress bought as a few snack sized cinnamon buns to eat while we decided on our orders. That was a nice touch. On weekends they serve a brunch menu, so our youngest quite happily ordered the French toast. My son and husband of course had the burgers. I must say they are both very predictable when it comes to restaurant ordering. My middle daughter, who loves Asian food, ordered the Chicken Hunan. She both loved eating it, and enjoyed trying out the chopsticks. I had the Cajun chicken sandwich, just the right amount of spice, fresh bread, wouldn’t have changed a thing. All in all, I must say we had a lovely dining out experience.
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  1. Earls Cajun chicken is the absolute best! I love that sandwich for lunch or Steve and I will order the full rack of baby back ribs with Cajun chicken and two sides. The warm potato salad is fantastic! I loved it so much I recreated the recipe and put it on my blog. I think they serve a fantastic green salad too. I love the pecans and apple cider vinaigrette. It’s not on the menu, but if you are feeling really indulgent, order the Fettucini Alfredo with a Cajun chicken breast on top….Ahhhh-Freakin-Mazing!!!

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