Yogurty’s- Calgary

Pistachio Frozen YogurtIs it just me or are Froyo places popping up on every street corner. The new popular dessert trend for sure. So did we go and try it out. Why yes we did. We chose Yogurty’s simply because they happen to be closest to us. So here is how it works. You pick your size cup (we went with the smallest, filling it about halfway equaled around 4 dollars a cup). You choose your yogurt flavor, at the McKenzie Location there is 10 to choose from, which rotate, then on to the toppings bar. There is fruit, candy, sauces you name it. I went with the Pistachio flavored yogurt, topped off with some caramel sauce, peanuts and almond roca bits. It was pretty fun! the kids had a blast and are already talking birthday parties, so I am sure we will be back!
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