Humpty’s Classic Cafe – Calgary

egg quesadilla and has brownsOn Sunday I took the kiddos out to Humpty’s. Not just any Humpty’s mind you, the Classic Café version. Yes it is like stepping back into the 50’s. If only I had a poodle skirt and some saddle shoes. The first thing we did when we got there was pick some tunes on the Jukebox. At 7 songs for a toonie, this was a fairly cheap and fun activity. The kids loved it, and as we listen to a lot of “oldies” in this house, they actually knew most of the songs they were looking at. The service was very prompt, and the food came out piping hot. My son ordered one of the burgers with a feature I love on the menu “one size smaller”. It was on many the majority of the menu items, and ideal for a growing boy who wants to order from the adult menu but doesn’t quite finish everything, or for his mother with a wee bit of a smaller appetite. His burger was huge. I had to confirm it was indeed the smaller size when it came. I ordered the egg quesadilla, with hash browns, both were delicious, I would certainly order it again. Both girls ordered off the kids menus, my youngest got the M+M pancake. My middle got a BBQ Chicken dinner with Garlic Bread and two sides. She chose both starches the French fries and mashed potatoes with gravy. Everyone left with full bellies, I am sure we will back, just for the décor alone. Okay not really, we all loved the food too!
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