Redwater Rustic Grille – Calgary

Steak & Shrimp, RedwaterLast night I got taken out for date night. Dinner and a movie and it was last-minute, unplanned. We were able to organize dinner at Redwater grille with my hubby’s brother and his wife, then a movie, also in attendance, hubby’s sister and her spouse! Yes it was fun. We saw Red 2, and it was great, lots of laughs to be had. As we have kids, I will admit most of our dining is family friendly, so it is rare for us to enjoy a bit more upscale restaurants. Tuesdays, are 20 dollar bottles of wine, I think there were four to choose from so we started with Pinot Noir. Well, the rest of the table did, as I don’t like red wine, I got to be the driver after dinner. Bread is served at the table, really, really, chewy bread. We didn’t have an appetizer, however for dinner we all ordered a meat, with sauce and 2 sides. I actually really like how they set their menu up, kind of mix’n’match with sides and sauces. I ordered the rotisserie chicken with chili garlic cream sauce and for my 2 sides, I went with the gnocchi and asparagus. Clarke had the tenderloin with peppercorn with Romaine and Carrots, with an extra side of Shrimp. They also have the usual pastas on the menu, some looked quite good, and even a bison burger, so they have a lot of variety, unless you are a very picky eater it should be very easy to find something everybody would like on the menu.
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