The Rainforest Cafe- Tukwila Washington

Appetizer PlatterHello all, have you missed me? I bet you didn’t even realize I was gone as I set up a bunch of recipes to post while I was away, but yes it is true I was gone for 10 days. The grandparents took the kids so hubby and I could get away to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. So for about the next week or so you get to hear all about our trip broken down by eating. This is a food blog after all, and after looking through all our pictures, I can tell you there were a lot of food shots. Yup, I was thinking of ya’ll while I was away. The first day of the trip was driving. We drove from Calgary, Alberta to Seattle, Washington. It took us about 15 hours that included all the bathroom breaks, lunch and one very large traffic jam. Not bad. I was tired and ready for bed, however, husband wanted to take me to The Rainforest Café before we checked in at the hotel. This is my favorite restaurant and we always make sure we go while visiting Disneyland so it was nice to try out another one. As we had Carls Jr. for lunch, neither of us was super hungry so we decided to try out the appetizer platter. I must say everything on it was delicious, and very hot and fresh when it came out. It came with black bean taquitos, spinach and artichoke dip, which I think I ate more than my fair share of. Also came with chicken tenders with creamy curry dip and mozzarella sticks, which we both agreed were the best part. We added on Ribs for 6 dollars, which we did eat but probably didn’t need as we ended up leaving most of the chicken. All in all, it was lovely to just relax in my favorite restaurant and not be in the car. Stay tuned for more vacation tidbits to follow…..
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