Railway Cafe- Calgary

Hubby and a SandwichWe changed things up a bit this Father’s Day. We usually spend the day in Banff enjoying the mountains that are oh so close, and oh so beautiful! Due to a couple of circumstances we decided to stay closer to home. We went to see our nephew dedicated in the morning and then we headed off to spend the day at Heritage Park. I love Heritage Park, it’s a pioneer village right in the middle of the city. You can wander through old homes and stores, and see how the pioneers really lived. Did I mention I love Heritage Park. At the Entrance to Heritage Park you will find Gasoline Alley, a few stores and restaurants you can enjoy without actually paying the admission. It is a great concept really, and the stores are really fun to look through. It is here that you can find The Railway Café. It is beautifully decorated and really fun to eat in. Although the prices are a bit high for what you actually get you are paying just as much for décor and location. Generally theme restaurants, or amusement park restaurants are a bit pricier than your average joe restaurant. The menu includes pretty basic stuff, soup, sandwiches, baked goods, so if you are really hungry go into the park and enjoy The Wainwright Hotel. If you want a small lunch and a bit of nostalgia, this is the place for you.
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