SubwayAs our weekly Sunday lunch with the kids approached, I was in need of something a little healthier than our usual burger and fry place. After a very busy weekend, with lots of junk food, Subway was just what I was in the mood for. It helped that I saw a commercial for there new turkey avocado sub. I seriously love avocado, can’t beat it. So we tried it out, turkey, bacon, avocado and Swiss cheese on whole wheat bread. I added my veggies which now include spinach which I would always choose over lettuce so all in all I loved my sub. Plus, we tried out the location in Deerfoot Meadows which I have never been to before, and it will now be my Subway of choice as it had lots of seating, wasn’t very busy and was very clean. Nothing worse than walking into a dirty Subway…shiver… so lunch was a hit with all. I love our weekly lunch out with the family, a great thing to look forward to every single Sunday.
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