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Spinach Salad and Chicken SandwichYesterday I took the kids to The Keg for lunch. When we dine at the Keg it is usually in the evening, however my daughter had her immunization, and we let her pick what restaurant she wanted to go to for lunch. As we were sat I noticed there were no other kids in the restaurant. Also there were no other women. Just us and ever other table was filled with 2 men. Surrounded by tables of men on business lunches I was very thankful that I have such well-behaved children. They quietly ordered their lunches and we proceeded to have a lovely lunch for four. I tried the chicken club and spinach salad. I have had the spinach salad before lovely as always, the chicken club was good, I really liked the addition of avocado. My daughter ordered the BBQ grilled chicken, which came with roasted red peppers, asparagus and French fries so I was pleased with the addition of vegetables. The kids, they were pleased that the kids meals come with ice cream at the end. So for a quiet mid-week lunch meal, I think The Keg is the place to go!
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