Arby’s -Calgary

Arby'sYesterday was a day to stay home and relax, and not be driving on the crazy snowy roads. However, we had church and my daughter’s birthday party, so instead of staying home safe and sound, we were kind of out all day. In Canada, that’s how we roll, although I not going to lie, there were quite a few stressful moments. After church we headed to Arby’s for lunch. Arby’s was my second job, that I had during high school. I still love the food. Always a good sign I think when someone who works there is willing to actually eat the food. Although the location that I worked at has closed, there are still a few scattered about the city. My personal favorite is the Philly Beef’n’Swiss. Roast beef, Swiss cheese, fried peppers and onions. Delicious, and of course one can never go to Arby’s without having an order of the curly fries. So on the cold and snowy day we found a nice little place to be, where the whole family got to enjoy the food, and each others company.
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