Sushi Ginza- Calgary

Ten DonLast night we took the kids out. We usually reserve dining out for Sundays, it’s our family catch up time, as my husband works nights on Fridays and Saturdays. As it was Oscar party time on Sunday, we decided to go out on a Tuesday night instead. The kids had fun trying out the chopsticks, and watching dad eat sushi. The raw fish was a bit much for them. We all liked our meals, although kids meals would have been helpful. In lieu of those we let the kids pick what they wanted and dad took some from each of their plates, as we knew there was no way they would finish an entire adult portion. I think the teriyaki chicken was the favorite, although my son ordered the Ten Don, which is Tempura shrimp and vegetables over rice and sauce, and he really liked that as well. I had the Sukiyaki Beef Don, it was excellent. The kids loved the booth, so not only was it dinner but a fun experience for them.
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