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Extreme PitaSunday lunch. We were on the lookout for something close to our church (in the Northeast), fast and healthy. My husband is still a bit under the weather so eating a big greasy burger and fries, wasn’t the best idea. So off to Mr.Sub we drove. It was closed. I noticed a sign for Extreme Pita, in the next parking lot over so we made our way over. It is right by McGavin’s which I like to buy all my bread at, because at 1.39 a loaf for the nice it’s a price that can’t be beat, plus there is a bulk barn in the parking lot as well, and bulk barn is always a good time. Anyhoo onto the lunch, the kids meals are great, for 4.99 you get either a pita, or pita pizza, cookie and small milk. All the kids loved it! My pita was pretty tasty too, and I continued my love affair with Tzatziki and got a grilled chicken pita. All the ingredients were fresh and everything was made right in front of you, so I must say we were all pretty pleased. For a family that rarely goes out for pita, I venture a guess to say that could all change!
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  1. Thanks for the great review!! We at Extreme Pita are constanly doing all we can to have extremely happy guests such as yourselves. Looking forward to seeing you in our restaurants again soon.

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