Edo Japan-Calgary

You are what you EdoAlright , so the thing about me is I love Christmas! LOVE. Put up my tree November 1st, listen to Christmas Carols as much as possible, start the Christmas baking in September. One thing I do not love however is a busy mall in December. I will avoid it like the plague. So my husband was surprised yesterday when I said we were going to the mall, not only in December but on the weekend. What was I thinking. Okay, what I was actually thinking was it would be nice to get a new dress for the company Christmas party. After three stores, I was ready to go home. Dress-less. Oh well. We did run into the Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker walking around the mall, so my youngest was thrilled. We also all had a lovely meal at the food court. I love the food court, mostly because everybody leaves happy. Yesterday, I went with one of my all time favorite, Edo Japan. The food was hot and fresh, the service was quick and friendly. Really you can’t ask more than that at any fast food establishment! Beef Sukiyaki, is what I usually order, although I have had the teriyaki chicken quite often as well. Both are delicious! I did notice on this trip that they have kid’s meals, so I will be taking my kids sometime for a Japanese food treat!
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