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The BurgerOur Father’s Day tradition is to spend the day in Banff. We really do live quite close so it would be a shame not to indulge in this special treat at least once a year. It really is a beautiful place! My favorite part of course is that Spirit of Christmas shop on Main Street, yup that’s right, a huge Christmas store filled up all year! My hubby bought me a fabulous ornament this year, at first I tried to protest as it was Father’s Day not Mother’s Day, but then I just really wanted that ornament, it is so my favorite already! (Thank you hubby). This year we were actually a week late because our girl’s dance recital was on the real Father’s Day, good thing we are so flexible. Our first stop is always lunch, this year hubby decided he wanted a steak so we decided to go to the Keg as it is a family favorite and we haven’t been for ages! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a delicious looking Sunday Lunch Buffet, as this is not offered at our Calgary locations we didn’t know that this was available. As good as the buffet looked we had all already decided what we wanted so we decided to stick with the original plan and order off the menu. Hubby got his steak, I tried out the burger. It had a smoky flavor, everything was fresh it was really good, the best part was the sweet potato fries with rosemary mayo, my I have missed these. Delicious just like I remembered. Maybe next year we will try out that buffet!
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  1. Yes, try out the buffet. Let us know how good it was. That burger looks great. I am glad you had a great Fathers day.

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