Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon-Banff

Nacho PlateThe last two posts have let you know all about my weekend adventures, and they are not done yet. First of all, my husband made me wake up at 6:15 on Monday morning. What, wake up early on our weekend away?? Not only that but he didn’t tell me why. Why oh why are we not sleeping in on our one night away. As we were checking out in the lobby, in walk our friends from church. Hmmm, this is getting even more interesting! They husbands had been planning this together, so they finally told us what we were doing as the presented us tickets to go see Live with Kelly in Banff. Yay! It was a great show and the best part was our friend Ryan got picked out of the crowd to meet Kelly and go on Live T.V to present “the Canadian word of the day”. After the show was over we headed into town for lunch at Wild Bill’s Saloon. We had a birthday party to go to that evening so I suggested sharing Nachos with my husband so I wasn’t completely stuffed. Well then the most ginormous Nachos came, I ate, I was stuffed, plan fail! But the Nachos were amazing and it was totally worth it. We didn’t have much more time, as we had to get back to Calgary to pick up our kids, so we made a quick trip to the Candy Store and The Spirit of Christmas and then the adventures of the weekend were over. I have the best husband ever! Thank you for all the wonderful surprises sweetie!At the Live with Kelly show
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