The Rose and Crown- Canmore

the Rose and CrownDay two of amazing weekend started on Sunday, my husband informed me that after church he would be taking me on a surprise date. Yay! I love surprises, especially ones that I don’t have to find the babysitter. I was quite tired after having a busy week with not a lot of sleep, so after a light lunch I got to have a much-needed nap, when I woke up my hubby informed me that I needed to pack my bags because we were spending a night away in Canmore, without the kids! What a treat! We used Urbanspoon to pick our dinner destination and tried out the pub Rose and Crown. I had quite a small lunch so we ended up going for dinner very early, and had most of the restaurant to ourselves. It was a lovely place, and both of us really enjoyed our meals. I tried out the Steak Sandwich , while hubs had the burger. We left with full bellies and smiling faces. We drove around and visited a few shops, including the adorable candy store. It was a wonderful night, and my adventures weren’t over yet, stay tuned tomorrow to find out what we did on Monday!Steak Sandwich and fries
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