Disney Dining Day 3

Eating at the French QuarterDay 3 saw us back to the Disneyland side of things. After a quick breakfast at the hotel we headed over to the parks, our first stop ToonTown. We visited with Mickey and Minnie went on the go coaster had an overall lovely morning. Then we took the train to New Orleans (one of the best parts of Disneyland if you ask me) and had lunch at the French Market Restaurant, it was a cold day so we were planning to go have soup at Harbour Galley but it was closed 🙁 I had the four cheese macaroni with shiitake mushrooms and it was fabulous, really creamy sauce, baked to perfection crumb topping, yummy vegetables on the side. It was a great meal!Four CHeese Macaroni Meal
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We decided to have our treat at the Mint Julep Bar right after lunch because we have all wanted to try Beignets and they were right there. Basically a really good , sugary donut. The family pack of six feed us perfectly as there were six of us in the party. Beignet.
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For dinner we left the parks, first we did some shopping at Target ( we don’t have these yet in Canada, but they are coming!) then off to dinner at the amazing family favorite Fuddrucker’s. ( again we don’t have these were we live so we always try to find one if we are in the States). It was amazing, I had the triple cheese burger and the wedge fried which of course I dipped in the jalapeno cheese sauce. The funnest part of Fuddrucker’s is that you get to put on your own toppings with their fixin’s bar. Yummy and fun, makes for a great meal!three cheese burger

The kids meals come with cookies and man I was kind of wishing that the adult meals came with cookies too, because they looked so good! Oh well, I didn’t have room to fit in my belly anyways!cookie selections
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2 thoughts on “Disney Dining Day 3

  1. It has been a long time since I have been at Disneyland and I so want to take my little nephew there! Lots of great food and fun things to do-you really can’t help but want to go back. No doubt all six in your crowd are having a blast.

    While I have not been there in a while, I have saved so many recipes from the Disney sites, I lost count of the number.
    Also, thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I just finished my Disney Destination Specialist (travel agent) training and have been learning all about the new fun stuff in the parks! I love seeing other people enjoying the magic! My husband and I have been going to the parks since we were little but we are going to brave taking our 3 little girls this fall for our oldest’s 5th birthday celebration! I can’t wait!

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