Disney Dining Day 1

Star ToursWell we are back from vacation, and after 6 full days of Disney, I am kind of tuckered out! I must say that I usually can’t wait to get back into my kitchen, because as much as I love dining out ( I really , really do love it), I love cooking too. I was planning to get right back at it but instead I have been lying on the couch reading by the fire. It’s nice to get back to that too. So alas I must eventually feed my family again and I did get the ball rolling by doing a big grocery shopping trip today, at least that’s a start.Anyways on to the delicious eats from Disneyland! I couldn’t possibly tell you all I ate in one little blog so I am going to split it in to six, one for each day.

Day one- We arriCheese Pizzave at the parks raring to go. Our first stop of the day is Star Tours mainly due to the fact that my son thinks Jedi’s really exist and he is one. Okay not really but man does he ever love Star Wars. So we spend the majority of the day in Tomorrowland. Our first lunch stop was at Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port. They do not just serve pizza though, as you enter you are greeted by delicious and fresh looking salads, head on in and you will reach the pasta section and finally on to the pizza. Although the vegetarian pizza looked absolutely amazing, nobody wanted to share with me , and I needed to leave room for snacks, so my daughter and I shared the cheese pizza, and I must say it was better than I was expecting it to be.

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Later in the afternoon time for snacks! Snacking is a must while in Disneyland or vacation  in general, and so we headed over to the famous Churro stands. These are my husbands favorites and so while he was not with us on this trip we thought of him as we bit into the warm cinnamon sugary goodness. Kids and their Churros

Supper was the meal I was most excited about because the new Jolly Holiday Bakery has opened and I was anxious to try it! Although I was pretty full from the eating adventures of the day, so I had a bowl of the chicken noodle soup, small yet satisfying and I finished it off with the decadent chocolate chunk brownie. Yes I realize our treat of the day was the churros, but I was a girl in a bakery, what else could I do but have another, and I will admit here and now that bakeries are my weakness. All resolve breaks when I see the rows of freshly baked cookies and cakes. Jolly Holiday bakery has been added to the ever-growing list of must eat at restaurants! Don’t miss it if your there!Mickey CookiesMore Treats
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