South St. Burger Company- Calgary

Store FrontToday is definitely errand day in our house, after hubs being sick for over a week and our car not working we have a lot of catching up to do! Grocery shopping will be happening today and a little last-minute errand running to finish up before hubs takes off to Africa. We had a delightful lunch at South St. Burger company today because it happens to be right by Bass Pro Shops where we could get ultra mosquito repellent and mosquito netting for the trip. We have decided this is one of our favorite burger place in the Calgary Area mostly because it has lots of fun toppings to choose from like, Wasabi mayonnaise, Guacamole, Cajun Onions and loads of others, plus the New York Fries that accompany the burger are delicious! Small Cheeseburger and friesSmall Poutine
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  1. Thanks for reviewing this place Jamie! Steve saw it last time we were in Cross Iron Mills and excitedly told me that you could get New York Fries as well as burgers. I wasn’t overly stoked about it, but if you can get interesting toppings on your burgers that’s a different story. I’m totally going to try it now. Thanks!

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