Five Guys Burgers and Fries- Calgary

Store frontToday after church we took the family out for burgers and fries, actually my son has informed us that one month he would like to have a burger every Sunday, so we decided it mid as well be this month. This is his favorite burger place so we had to include it. Luckily there is a new location open that is way less busy than the one over by Ikea. There was no line, plenty of seating and our order was very fast. Check out the picture of my burger to see all the lovely fresh veggies. Yum.burger and fries

Autumn who very rarely ever orders cheeseburgers tried the grilled cheese and had a ooey gooey delicious mess.grilled cheese

An extra fun part of Five Guys is the free peanuts that you get to eat while you wait, it keeps kids occupied and not so hungry if there does happen to be a long line. Overall, I would say that is was a great dining out experience. My little peanut
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4 thoughts on “Five Guys Burgers and Fries- Calgary

  1. Five Guys does have a good burger, but my favorite all time is at a little privately owned joint in downtown Florence, South Carolina called Circle Fountain. You order it all the way and it comes with onions, pickles, cheese, homemade chili and a great big dill pickle on the side. Ordered with a draft beer in a heavily frosted mug. Yum…

  2. We LOVE FGBF and are so glad one opened near us recently. I so love that you can get actual veggies on their burgers. My kids aren’t huge burger fans and eat peanuts as their main protein most of the time, so this is perfect for us. And the fries . . . so good. Does yours have a Coke Freestyle machine? That makes the experience even better.

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