Boys and their burgersWe had to hang out around up North after church today as we had a meeting in the early afternoon, which actually worked well for us as we had a few errands to run, shopping to do , and a super bonus I discovered a Bulk Barn right by our church which means no more driving all the way to Okotoks so that was a great find.Cheeseburger kid's mealWe had lunch before all of our errand running at one of our family favorites Harvey’s. The kids love it because like Sub places you get to pick what goes on your burger and man they do have tasty burgers there. I tried out the new Spicy Mesquite sauce and it was amazing, will definitely be having that again. I was thinking somebody should make a pizza chain where you get to pick your own toppings(again like Subway) and then throw it in a forno oven. That would be a restaurant that we would go too!
Harvey's (Northgate Village Mall) on Urbanspoon

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