Montana’s- Calgary

coloringToday we went to Montana’s cookhouse. I was surprised by two things, we got sat right away, and the bathrooms were really clean. Both make for a really good sign. Then we got a good waitress too, so yay for us. I must say as a family we are really easy to please and generally just have a great time together doing one of our favorite things, dining out as a family. mommy and son

We all had a great time with the whole table coloring sheet. It kept both kids and adults occupied until the food came. I ordered the chipotle buffalo chicken sandwich, and when the waitress asked my how hot I wanted it I was stumped. She informed me they had mild all the way up to suicide and their hot is very hot, so I went with medium. Not very spicy at all just a nice tang. ( I will probably get hot next time). My son ordered the ribs, the kids meals all come in a cute red truck, and proclaimed that #1 these were the best ribs he had ever eaten  and #2 Montana’s has now made it to his top 4 favorite restaurants. I guess he had a great time! daddy and his girls
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