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my royal cutenessSometimes as a parent I totally believe in bribery. Like yesterday when it was time for my 10 year olds immunization. (I home school so the school does not take care of it for me). I have explained how immunizations work to me kids and they are all for protecting themselves, but of course there is still that little needle part that we have to deal with. So after all is said and done I take them out for lunch , and the bonus is that whoever got the needle (in this case Erik) gets to pick the restaurant. This is a huge thrill for them, as we do eat out quite often(every Sunday) but my husband and I always do the restaurant picking. So we made our way over to the Midnapore lunch buffet and had some delicious and fresh pizza. The salad was also crisp and tasty. I was surprised how often the new pizzas arrived. The kids also really enjoyed the little chocolate bread sticks, that looked great, I was just too full to have one myself. I wish they had the lunch buffet on Sundays, but alas they do not so it is a rare treat for abd pasta

Adult lunch buffet costs 8.99 and kids 12 and under are 4.99- a pretty good deal, seems to me.

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  1. My mom used to take me to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet all the time when I was younger! Say what you want about pizza hut pizza, it may not be “traditional,” but it is delicious when that craving strikes you!

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