Chez Cora’s-Calgary

western skilletAbout 5 years ago my family and I had a wonderful vacation in St.John’s Newfoundland. It is where my dad grew up so I got to see so many things from his childhood,school, home and of course while vacationing dining out is a huge part. We went to some standard Newfoundland favorites like Chess’s for Fish and Chips and on our last day we went to a wonderful breakfast place called Cora’s. We were so impressed with all the fresh fruit that came with almost every meal, it was breakfast heaven. A few years later we got one in Calgary and man were we ever excited! Just a few weeks ago we spotted another brand new location, in Sunridge mall. So we tried it out. The best thing about Cora’s for a parent is there kid’s meals. For 5.45 you get a wide variety of breakfast foods, plus drink. And with their abundant adult’s menu both child and adult are happy. And Cora’s is always really lined up on Sunday’s so we were glad to see a new location with a little bit smaller wait french toast
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