The Great Canadian Bagel- Calgary

tunaI used to frequent the Great Canadian Bagel quite often. That was when they had locations way down in Suburbia where I live. It has been years since those locations have been closed, hence years that I have been. I love their sandwiches as I am a huge bagel fan, and it was always fun picking what kind of Bagel to compliment the sandwich of choice. Well, we finally made our way down to 4th street, I know this is “central Calgary” but still far from where I live. It was a lovely lite afternoon lunch, perfect for after church.

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choco chip

I had the roasted tomato rosemary soup which was lovely and the cheddar, swiss bagel toasted with butter. It could have been a bit cheesier, but still pretty good. Both our girls enjoyed their chocolate chip bagels with strawberry cream cheese, and the boys had the sandwiches. One ham, and one tuna.


In other news Autumn lost her other front tooth yesterday so we have one cute smile going on around here!Autumn


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