A Day at Calaway

girlsToday I had the pleasure of spending the whole day at Calaway Park with my three little beauties. Our smallest child grew leaps and bounds in her ride bravery. Last year she refused to go on almost everthing. This year not only did she go on every ride that she was tall enough for but asked to go again. Even the rollar coaster! She is ready for Disneyland! If you have never been to Calaway Park it is one of Calgary’s must see attractions. At least if you have kids. It doesn’t cater as much to adults, but I still had a great time.chickenburger

And no amusment park experience is complete without the greasy mid-way food. We like to really experience a place when we go, so we rarely pack our own food for days like this. Eating there is just part of the fun. Sure it is over-priced, but like the Mastercard commercials say those memories are priceless. So we found ourselves at The Burger Hut for some over-priced yet delicious Burgers and not so delicious stale fries. Oh well. Really it is asking a bit much to expect great food at an amusment park. The highlight of our eating adventures was The Sweet Toothe Candy shop. We all picked one thing, so we left with, 2 bags of gummy candies, 1 extra large tootsie pop, and a caramel apple that had been dipped in chocolate and nuts. Yum! I had to share again as I always pick the good thing! So as the kids kept eating MY apple, I snuck a little bit out of there goodie bags too.appleBurger Hut on Urbanspoon

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  1. So, does that mean you didn’t like when we used to take the cheez-whiz sandwiches to Calaway….for me, that was a tradition although I do like the greasy amusement park food as well.

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