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fishOne of my fondest childhood memories is going to the drive-in movies. My mom used to make a huge bowl of popcorn, we would stop at 7-11 for a big gulp and go watch not one but 2 movies. Sure, I usually fell asleep during the second movie, but it was such a thrill as a child to be able to stay up late ( even if I didn’t always make it). My absolute favorite part was the hot dog concession video in between movies. So when I heard that Deerfoot Mall here in Calgary was having a summer drive-in movie series I knew we had to go . Unfortunatly it got rained out. Good thing we made a whole night of it, so the kids weren’t too dissappointed. Before the movie started we did one of my kids most favorite things. We ate at a mall food court and let them pick whatever they wanted. Our kids just love doing this. I think it gives them a faux independence. So Erik had his usual teen burger from A+W , Autumn got a Cinnzeo, Jordan and Clarke had Subs, and I tried something very rare for me to order out ….seafood.

store frontI went to Mounts Bay fish and chips. I am not usually a seafood fan but I have to say when it is deep-fried and dipped in tarter sauce it is pretty tasty stuff. And to my great surprise this little mall food court stand was some of the best fish and chips ever. The fish was hot and crispy, and so were the fries. In fact everyone was eating a little off mom’s plate. Good thing I don’t mind sharing. So if you ever find yourself way up there at Deerfoot Mall, I think that you should give it a try!
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  1. I’m loving your restaurant reviews Jamie! My suggestion would be to add the city in the title “Mounts Bay Fish and Chips – Calgary”. That way when someone does a google search for a specific restaurant in Calgary, your review will come up for them to click on. Just an idea!

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