Mucho Burrito- Calgary

burritoWe just spent a lovely day with the family, building sandcastles at the beach, going to the movies, a little shopping at Indigo and we thought the perfect end would be to have supper out. We decided to try Mucho Burrito. Our kids have been wanting to try it for a long time. Mostly because it’s fun to say in a fake Mexican accent. The food was very good. Tastes a little more authentic than the usual Tacotime/TacoBell. The atmosphere was just a tad nicer too. Kids meals were very well priced. They were 4.99 and they got a taco, chips, and drink. All in all a lovely dining experience.

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Erik had the kids beef taco. He said next time he would get an adult meal. He was still a little hungry after, but he does seem to eat a lot when we go out now. I think he just likes to feel like he is growing up. Sigh. He is too.

Autumn choose the cheese quesadilla , because she likes food as simple as possible.

Jordan had the pork taco, and that pork looked really tasty!

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